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meet our founder

Kia ora, I'm Dr Deborah Brunt

Dr Deborah Brunt Menopause Specialist

I've worked as a doctor since 2008 and a Menopause Specialist since 2022. Let me share my story with you.  

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Dr Deborah Brunt's Story

Dr. Deborah Brunt's journey into menopause medicine is rooted in a realization that emerged during her years of experience as a general practitioner. Despite her extensive training and clinical exposure, her medical education had left significant gaps when it came to menopause. 


Reflecting on her medical school experience, Dr. Brunt recalls how menopause was merely a footnote in her curriculum, with a few undergraduate hours dedicated to the biology of menopause, and a clinical lecture on symptoms and management. The timing of her education was just as the women's health initiative had been stopped and women were being de-prescribed hormone replacement therapy in droves. ​


Dr Deborah Brunt practiced for a few years in hospital medicine before specialising in general practice. Howevere over the years, two patterns emerged that perplexed her that none of her training helped her with. Women in their mid 30s and 40s frequently presented with:

symptoms they attributed to their hormones or a vast myriad of symptoms, with normal blood work and no obvious cause.

​So Dr Deb listened and got curious. 


woman reading book, with a latte on her table

Not Feeling Herself

From her mid-30s, Dr. Deb herself, began experiencing a cascade of symptoms that hinted at the onset of perimenopause. Low energy, menstrual migraines, cyclical breast pain, and changes in body composition gradually crept into her life.


This prompted her to explore lifestyle changes for relief. She recognises the contribution that lifestyle causes to health and wellbeing and initially attributed these symptoms to the rigors of her busy general practice and the demands of parenting, while her husband was also studying at medical school.

Embracing a holistic approach to wellness, she incorporating activities such as running, adopting a Mediterranean diet, and immersing herself in nature, social connections, and yoga to support her nervous system. While these lifestyle changes provided some relief, Dr. Brunt couldn't shake the lingering symptoms entirely. It wasn't until she reviewed her menstrual cycle data from the previous year that she made a pivotal discovery – her cycles were irregular, with variations of around 10 days every few cycles.

As Dr. Deborah Brunt realized she was in perimenopause she embarked on a deep dive into all things menopause, fueled by both a personal passion for self-discovery and a growing sense of frustration at the lack of attention paid to this crucial stage of a woman's life.

Young Woman Running

Menothrive Revolution!

Dr. Brunt became an advocate for greater awareness and education surrounding menopause. She recognized perimenopause as a powerful window of opportunity for disease prevention and proactive health management. Yet, she was also incredibly frustrated about the ongoing lack of awareness among women and their healthcare providers, highlighting the urgent need for up-to-date information and support in this often-overlooked area of women's health.

Through her own journey of self-discovery and professional growth, Dr. Deborah Brunt has founded MenoThrive, a platform dedicated to empowering women to:

  • understand their bodies,

  • harness the potential of their perimenopause window of opportunity to optimize health, and

  • foster a supportive community where women collaborate to enhance their overall well-being.


As a result, she has become a leading voice in menopause medicine, bridging the gap between conventional medical knowledge and the lived experiences of menopausal women everywhere.

Eating Salad


Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (IBLM)

International Board of Lifestyle Medicine – 2022


Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (ASLM)

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine – 2022


Fellowship Royal New Zealand College of General Practice – FRNZCGP

Royal New Zealand College of General Practice – 2021


Diploma in Paediatrics – DipPaeds

University of Auckland, 2010  


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – MBCHB

University of Auckland, 2008


Masters Degree in Health Science – MHSc

By thesis: ‘Dietary patterns and iron deficiency in New Zealand children aged 6-23 months.’ University of Auckland, 2006


Bachelor of Human Biology – BHB

University of Auckland, 2003

Further Training

  • Confidence in the Menopause, Newson Health

  • ACNEM Menopause Health

  • Breast Microbiome and Glycobiome,

  • Integrative management of diabetes,

  • Plant-based nutrition training

  • ACNEM Gastrointestinal health,

  • ACNEM Women's Health,

  • AASECT 15 hours training in Essentials of Sex Therapy.

I also regularly attend menopause, sexual health and women's mental health conferences and keep up to date through peer review, webinars, and other online training.


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