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Build a stronger, healthier you

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Meno Thrive offers a holistic approach to perimenopause & menopause health & wellbeing.

Learn about perimenopause, menopause, how it impacts your health and the tips you need to support your own wellbeing.

New to Meno Thrive?

About Menothrive

Welcome to MenoThrive!

Dive into our digital health platform for expert advice on perimenopause & menopause wellbeing, with a holistic twist.

We're not just talking about hot flashes – we've got your mental wellbeing, gut health, & weight management covered too!

Join our vibrant community for holistic menopause wellbeing and support that'll have you moving through this stage of life with confidence and ease – Meno Thrive style! 

stone cairn (stack) to represent balance during perimenopause and menopause

Be empowered!

From Surviving to Thriving

At MenoThrive, we're here to make your menopause journey smoother and more empowering.

From easing hot flashes to boosting energy and revitalizing your libido, we've got tips and biohacks for you.


Say hello to mental clarity, better sleep, a stronger body and a supportive community cheering you on every step of the way. Let's thrive through menopause together! 

confident menopausal woman with Gray Hair

A note from our Founder

Meet Dr Deb

Hi, I'm a Specialist GP and I'm passionate about women's health and wellbeing.

I recognised a gap in holistic healthcare and estalished Ōtepoti Integrative Health Clinic in 2022.


My approach combines the latest medical research, lifestyle medicine and biohacks to have you feeling your best during peri and menopause.


Let's do this! 

Dr Deborah Brunt founder of Meno Thrive

Holistic menopause wellbeing, so you can thrive!

Have confidence and vitality with our Programs and Membership.

Need a Menopause consult

We can see you at Ōtepoti Integrative Health in clinic or via TeleHealth

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